A reliable source of water is critical for a number of Industrial Clients and any loss of quality and / or quality can have a direct impact on business profitability. Recent water restrictions have shown that 100% reliance on potable water can present an unacceptable business risk. Industrial Clients can reduce their exposure to the availability of potable water through:

  • Minimising water consumption through increasing efficiency and reducing losses.
  • Matching water quality with end use.
  • Using alternate sources of water such as recycled water, stormwater and groundwater.
  • Treating and recycling waste streams.

Permeate Partners works with Industrial Clients to develop and implement overall water strategies which maximise efficiency, diversify supply options and reduce costs of discharge.

Featured Project

img1 sewer-mining-pennant-hills-golf-club

Pennant Hills Golf Club has elimated its reliance on potable water for irrigation through the use of sewer mining to produce high quality recycled water. Since commissioning in May 2008 the recycled water plant has provided over 160ML and the nutrients in the recycled water have cut fertiliser consumption on the golf course by over 80%.

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