Water Security @ Canada Bay

Water Security @ Canada Bay

Water Security @ Canada Bay

Client City of Canada Bay
Project Water Security
Size 3.4ML/day
Status Under construction - Operational late 2015
Water demand Irrigation
Water source Stormwater
Technology Filtration + UV + Chlorine
Services provided Investigation + Funding application

The City of Canada Bay wishes to provide water security for all community and council facilities. Previous work has confirmed that irrigation accounts for ~97% of the non-potable consumption at these facilities.

Providing a non-potable supply to irrigate community open space will:

  • Provide water security for the highest volume end use in the City of Canada Bay Community and Council facilities.
  • Harvest stormwater that would normally discharge and waste into the ocean.
  • Reduce potable water consumption.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Secure and enhance the quality and amenity of playing surfaces and vegetation, in particular during periods of water restrictions.

Permeate Partners was engaged by the City of Canada Bay to develop a Water Security Masterplan to assess available non-potable sources and develop a concept design for the required infrastructure.

Stormwater from an existing stormwater channel was identified as the primary source of non-potable water. Following filtration and disinfection the treated stormwater will be reticulated to golf courses, parks and playing ovals.

Following the completion of the Water Security Masterplan Permeate Partners assisted the City of Canada Bay in the preparation of a funding application to the Federal Government's "Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Grants". This application was successful and resulted in the City of Canada Bay receiving a grant in August 2012 of AUD$1.89M towards the project.

The infrastructure is currently under construction and is due for completion in readiness for the summer of 2015

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