Water and Wastewater @ Monkey Mia

Client Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort
Project Water and Wastewater Plants
Size 200,000L/day
Status Operational - Commissioned June 2013
Water Drinking water from groundwater
Wastewater Recycled water from raw sewage
Water technology RO + Chlorine
Wastewater technology MBR + Chlorine
Services provided Investigation + Procurement + Operational Support

Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort (MMDR) is owned by Aspen Parks and located midway up the West Australian coastline in the heart of the Shark Bay world heritage area.

Due to the remote nature of the site MMDR is self sufficient in terms of water supply and sewage treatment. Ageing infrastructure and an increasing regulatory focus required a major upgrade of the water and wastewater treatment infrastructure. Through 2013 the water treatment plant was replaced with a more automated and higher capacity reverse osmosis system. The pond based wastewater treatment plant was replaced with a state of the art membrane bioreactor to improve the pathogen and nutrient removal.

Numerous issues had to be addressed during the delivery of this project including:

  • Reuse of existing infrastructure.
  • No interuption to water or wastewater service during construction or commissioning.
  • High quality recycled water demanded by the world heritage area.
  • Remote location of site in relation to construction and operation.

Permeate Partners assisted Aspen Parks will all phases of the investigation, approval and procurement process for the new water and wastewater infrastructure. Permeate Partners continues to provide operational support to MMDR with regard to process optimisation, sampling / analysis and system maintenance.

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