Water and Wastewater @ Point Grey

Client PBD Developments
Project Point Grey - Water and Wasterwater
Size 1,000,000L/day
Status Detailed design
Water Drinking water from groundwater
Wastewater Recycled water from raw sewage
Water technology MF + RO + Cl
Wastewater technology MBR + UV + Cl
Services provided Investigation + Procurement + Operational Support (future)

Point Grey is a proposed 3,400 lot residential development located 1 hour south of Perth and remote from Water Corporation infrastructure. Due to the potentially high costs of connecting to Water Corporation, PBD Developments is currently investigating the on site production of drinking water from groundwater and the treatment and reuse of wastewater within the development. The proposed approach at Point Grey embodies the concept of "Local Water - Local Source / Local Treatment / Local Reuse".

During the concept design phase numerous issues had to be addressed including:

  • Brine disposal from groundwater treatment
  • Staging of treatment infrastructure to match development uptake
  • Nutrient management in the recycled water
  • Integration of treatment infrastructure into the community

Permeate Partners is currently working on a detailed reference design which will be used in the approvals process and in procurement negotiations.

Subject to the relevant approvals the new water authority that will own and operate the water and wastewater infrastructure at Point Grey will be known as "Peel Water".


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