Irrigation Water @ Royal Melbourne Golf Club

Client Royal Melbourne Golf Club
Project Water for Irrigation
Size 1,600,000L/day
Status Operational - January 2010
Water demand Irrigation
Water source Stormwater and Groundwater
Technology Bioretention filter + UF + RO + Chlorine + Surface wetland
Services provided Investigation + Procurement + Operational Support

Founded in 1891, Royal Melbourne Golf Club (RMGC) is regarded as Australia’s premier golf course, and is regularly ranked in the top ten courses in the world. Maintaining the golf course in first class condition was difficult in recent years due to increasing pressure on water supplies and the impacts of climate change. Securing a sustainable, cost effective and safe supply of irrigation water was critical to the continued success of RMGC.

Historically the Club relied on a combination of groundwater and potable water to meet the irrigation demand of the course. In 2008 RMGC invested in a stormwater harvesting system to boost overall supplies and reduce its dependence on potable water. Despite recent efforts, the quantity of groundwater and stormwater fell short of the irrigation demand, particularly in drier years.

RMGC wished to eliminate its reliance on potable water and as a result engaged Permeate Partners to develop and implement what became known as the “Water for Irrigation” project. It consisted of four main elements, namely:

  • Upgrade of groundwater reticulation infrastructure to improve yield.
  • Construction of membrane filtration, reverse osmosis and chlorination systems to disinfect and reduce salt levels in the irrigation water.
  • Construction of a bioretention filter and surface wetland to provide treatment of the harvested stormwater and membrane filtration reject.
  • Development and implementation of a site wide SCADA and control system for all water infrastructure.

The project was completed over a period of 9 months and commissioned in Jan 2010. Permeate Partners continues to provide operational support to RMGC with regard to process optimisation, sampling / analysis and system maintenance.



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