Sewer Mining @ Curlewis Golf Club

Sewer Mining @ Curlewis Golf Club

Sewer Mining @ Curlewis Golf Club

Sewer Mining @ Curlewis Golf Club

Client Curlewis Golf Club
Project Recycled Water Plant
Size 250,000L/day
Status Operational
Water demand Irriation
Water source Raw sewage
Technology MBR + Chlorine
Services provided Investigation + Procurement + Operational Support

Since opening in 1970, Curlewis Golf Club (CGC) had relied on potable water for the majority of course irrigation, with harvested stormwater used to supplement potable supplies when available. This water strategy served the Club well until 2006/2007 when Level 4 water restrictions were imposed and rainfall at Curlewis was 276mm vs the long term average of 625mm.

Lack of water had an immediate impact on course condition and membership levels. Modest amounts of water (20ML vs required 70ML) between 2006 and 2011 enabled turf survival, however, membership slowly declined. Therefore securing a sustainable, reliable and cost effective supply of irrigation water was critical to ensure the ongoing viability of this important community asset.

CGC had investigated various alternate water supplies, including:

  • Continued use of potable water - This option was largely discounted as future access and quantity could not be guaranteed and costs were increasing rapidly.
  • Increasing the size of the infrastructure for stormwater harvesting and storage - This option was explored and rejeted as all surface water in the area was already fully allocated.
  • Groundwater - Whilst groundwater was available in the vicinity of CGC, previous investigations have shown it to be low yield and poor quality.
  • Recycled water from sewer mining of a pressure sewer which runs along the Northern boundary of the golf course - Whilst not without significant capital investment recycled water from sewer mining was the only viable option for CGC's future supply of irrigation water.

Permeate Partners was engaged by CGC in March 2009 to confirm the feasbility of sewer mining at CGC and prepare a concept design of key infrastructure. A plant size of 250,000L/day was ultimately selected to produce up to 60,000,000L/year of Class B recycled water.

Subsequently Permeate Partners assisted CGC in all aspects of stakeholder consultation and approvals including:

  • Member information sessions.
  • Negotiations and approvals with regulators including Barwon Water, City of Greater Geelong and EPA.
  • Neighbour information sessions.

The plant was commissioned in late 2011 and now supplies the majority of CGC's irrigation needs. Stormwater collection has been retained and is used to supplement the recycled water in periods of high demand.

With a sustainable and secure water supply CGC can now maintain the course inline with the expectations of members and visitors even during periods of extended dry weather. The high quality playing surfaces now available at CGC were recgonised in 2012 with the Club entering the Top 50 public golf courses in Australia - a position which was unthinkable in 2006 / 2007.




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