Recycled water plant

Before, during and after treatment

Client Pennant Hills Golf Club
Project Recycled Water Plant
Size 650,000L/day
Status Operational - May 2008
Water demand Irrigation
Water source Raw sewage
Technology MBR + UV + Chlorine
Services provided Investigation + Procurement + Operational Support

Founded in 1923, Pennant Hills Golf Club (PHGC) is located on 37 Hectares in Beecroft NSW and holds both Championship and Group One status. Since establishment the course had relied on potable water for irrigation.

Despite its enviable reputation as a premier club and course, the business was under serious threat in 2003 - 2004 due to a potential loss or severe restriction of its irrigation water supply. As Sydney dam levels reached record lows, restrictions for domestic users were tightened with respect to time, frequency and method of application. PHGC did not escape the water restrictions with consumption capped at 10ML / month. In dry summer months 10ML was insufficient to keep the condition of the course in line with its reputation and the expectations of members.

Aware that the sustainability of the course water supply was an issue, PHGC had investigated various alternate water supplies, including:

  • Continued full or partial use of potable water - This option was largely discounted as future access and quantity could not be guaranteed.
  • Off creek storage with water sourced from a Devlin’s Creek which runs through the centre of the course - This option was largely discounted as the regulatory hurdles in building a dam and extracting water from an intermittent creek were seen as substantial and lengthy. Understandably the modelling for this option was reliant on historical rainfall patterns which were increasingly uncertain.
  • Groundwater from existing bores on the course - This option was largely discounted as the groundwater would require substantial treatment to remove iron and salt prior to use. Furthermore the yield of the bores was estimated at only 20% of peak demand delegating groundwater to a supplementary source only.
  • Sewer mining with water from a 350mm sewer which runs adjacent to Devlins Creek - Ultimately this option was selected as it could provide a reliable supply and the technology to produce high quality recycled water was proven in similar applications. The main disadvantage of this option was that the lack of precedent in Sydney.

Detailed discussions were held with stakeholders in 2004 / 2005 prior to procurement in 2005 / 2007. Since commissioning in March 2008 the sewer mining facility has met or exceeded all expectations. It has set the benchmark for sewer mining in Sydney and around Australia.

The Principal of Permeate Partners, Kurt Dahl, has been involved in the sewer mining scheme at Pennant Hills Golf Club since inception. Over the past 7 years, and in a variety of roles, Kurt has provided technical advice to the management of Pennant Hills Golf Club and assisted with the extensive stakeholder consultation process.

Since commissioning Permeate Partners has provided investigation, procurement and operational support services to Pennant Hills Golf Club to assist in the day-to-day operation, management and optimisation of the sewer mining facility.






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