Owners of membrane plants understand the importance of maximising the life and performance of their membranes. Premature membrane replacement can be a costly exercise and poor membrane performance can lead to reductions in capacity and / or increased chemical / power consumption. Permeate Partners promotes a proactive approach to membrane operation and maintenance. In summary this involves:

  • Operational support for troubleshooting and system optimisation.
  • Regular performance audits.
  • Data collation and analysis.
  • Internal and external reporting.
  • Operator liaison and training.
  • Membrane cleaning studies and autopsy as required.

Permeate Partners can also assist with procurement support, such as documentation and technical advice, for membrane replacement and other consumables.

Permeate Partners works with Clients to customise support packages for their membrane plants. This ensures that project specific objectives are realised whilst minimising costs of membrane ownership.

Featured Project

img1 drinking-water-bray-park

Bray Park Water Treatment Plant uses membrane filtration incorporating an innovative siphon design to provide up to 100MLD of drinking water to Tweed Shire residents. The membranes provide a physical barrier to pathogens and are well suited to treating the highly variable raw water from the Tweed River.

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